About Us

About Step One Digital Solutions
Motivated. Smart. Driven.
Knowing us is the beginning of the first step with Step One in an expedition.

Our Vision

Step One as an organisation is created and operated with people who are visionary. We aim to be one of the fast moving companies who believe in providing Business solutions at One Step. Our Goal is to be recognise our work like it goes with our name Step One Digital Solutions

Who are We

We are group of passionate like minded people who bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation in technology since 2013

Our Mission

No company or an organisation starts without having goals as well as mission. Step One started is journey as a small start up establised in 2013 with a team who had a mission to provide One stop solution to all businesses wether it be creating Digital Presence with Websites or simplifying processes with ERP.

Enhance your Business Visibility Online

Boosts Your Website Traffic!

Life is great! We love our work, and we can assure you’ll too!

Why do we stand out?

Being digital is right in our name! Let's get to know us better.

We at Step One Digital Solutions believe in being apt. We blend zeal and goals and align them with our values. We have deduced that Different Problems Require Different Solutions, so we go beyond just curating digital strategies. At Step One, we promote a Name to a Brand. We are lucky to create something beautiful almost every other day for a diverse clientele.



The very first step is recognizing the customer's presence across all the platforms. Team Step One helps to discover all the possible areas to improvise in favour of your business



While the world of digital marketing keeps on expanding, it is essential to precisely define your goals. Our strategists will help your objectives and engage accordingly.



Our design thinking is a mix of creative and critical thinking, which accurately identifies the areas for improvement and create vital points as the base for decisions.



We believe that understanding our customer's expectations is crucial to produce creative and successful solutions.



The deployment phase is the final phase of the pre Project Delivery, wherein the Step One project team conducts tests and clears the product before preparing it to go live.



Delivery, also known as the execution phase of the project, the team sets all the plans in motion and tools and resources positioned at their places.

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Web Development Portfolio

Our Specialists

Creative team is the backbone to Big Problems

Full Stack Development

Team of 10+

Our team of Web Developer are skilled with CMS Designing, HTML/CSS , Audience Analytics , Responsive web design , JavaScript , PHP and Backend , Testing and debugging skills.

Software Development

Team of 15+

Our Software team are highly experienced with Mathematical aptitude Problem-solving skills, Programming languages, An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment

Digital Marketing

Team of 12+

Our Digital Marketing team is filled with highly creative & passionate individuals with skill sets of SEO and SEM, Data Analysis, Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Advertising, Creative Problem Solving, Project Leadership